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Global Christian Ministry Forum Canada provides ministry credentials to qualified individuals through its relationship with Global Christian Ministry Forum International.


To provide legal and spiritual recognition of the calling and ministry God has already placed upon an individual and to assist in the fulfillment of that ministry.


Enables the performance of legal ceremonies, weddings and funerals (with ordination).

Access to prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric centres and other institutions of this type.

Organizational and ministry networking.

Mediation to help resolve serious problems in the local church (by the District Coordinators or Presbytery)

Material and qualified personnel to help in ministry development, as needed.

District meetings, conferences and seminars.

Supplies field representatives and elders to assist you.

Introduces the work of missionaries, pastors and teachers.

Provides information of interest to those in ministry.

Additional training seminars and educational opportunities.

A basis of fellowship with like-minded ministers and ministries.

A connected group of affiliated churches for common benefits.

Pastoral retreat opportunities at the Retreat Centres.


Born again, baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Comply with the scriptural requirements of 1 Timothy 3.

Be actively engaged in a specific and fruitful ministry.

Be examined and approved by a District coordinator of the Fellowship.

Be currently involved in or immediately entering into a definable ministry of greater responsibility than that which is expected of all members of the Body of Christ, and provide a written description of that ministry.


Each member is expected to attend at least three GCMF events which include regional meetings and fellowship activities in their district as well as annual conferences.  If attendance is impossible a written explanation will be accepted.

All GCMF credential holders are required to give 2% of their total income from all sources as ministerial dues. This may come from you personally or from your church/ministry for you. It may be paid yearly or in installments. You may pay online by credit card or mail cash or cheques to Global Christian Ministry Forum Canada, P.O. Box 142 Orangeville, ON, Canada, L9W 2Z5. This contribution is considered dues and the percentage required may be increased upon due notification. Your dues are considered charitable and you will receive a charitable receipt at the end of the year.

Each member must submit an annual report of their ministry and the appropriate renewal fee when they file their annual credential renewal forms.



The candidate must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
  • Involved in a definable ministry above and beyond usual church volunteer activities
  • Recognized by associates as a person showing ministerial calling and qualities

The candidate must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
  • Recognized by ministry associates as a person showing one of the ministry gifts enumerated in Ephesians 4: 11 (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher)
  • Involved in a ministry that demands recognition as a clergy person
  • Have a definable ministry position in an organized church


Candidates considered for ordination must have been licensed with GCMF for a period of not less than one year or must have held ordination with another reputable, GCMF recognized organization immediately prior to applying with GCMF.  Holding a License with GCMF for one year does not automatically qualify a candidate for ordination.  The candidate must also satisfy at least one (1) of the following criteria:

  • Engaged in a successful Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral or Teaching ministry (Ephesians 4: 11) that is recognized by peers and evidenced by followers

  • Employed by a ministry that requests the ordination of the candidate.  (If the requesting ministry is controlled by the candidate they must also satisfy one other point.)

  • Engaged in professional ministry where ordination is an asset

  • Engaged in voluntary ministry where ordination is a legal requirement.

A person seeking ordination must obtain letters of endorsement from ministry associates that demonstrate qualification according to the above criteria. GCMF may also seek additional pertinent information and letters of endorsement as they see fit. Ordination is awarded only after a thorough search of a person’s references and the endorsement of others who know the results of their ministry. Those which are accepted, will receive confirmation of their call by the laying on of hands. This can be done in a specified meeting or a local church. Arrangements must be made with the office of the District Coordinator or with the central office, as required.

GCMF Canada members with Ordained Minister status can be registered to solemnize marriages in the following provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba. Other provinces may be added as needed.

Mail-In Credential Application

Download and print our credential application which can be mailed into our office with your form of payment.

Online Credential Application

Fill out our online credential application and pay online through our secure website.

Online Reference Form

Fill out our Online Reference Form which can be submitted to our office electronically.

Mail-In Reference Form

Download and print our Reference Form which can be mailed into our office.

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